“A man who works with hands is a worker; a man who works with hands and brain is a craftsman; but a man who works with hands, brain and heart is an artist.”

[ In the industry for over three generations ]

Simar Joinery

Simar Joinery is the result of the experience and entrepreneurial spirit of the Valle family, which has been passionately handing down the art of custom-made furniture for three generations.

The path of constant growth, still linked to its own tradition and territory, evolves rapidly thanks to great craftsmanship and the continuous search for materials of the highest quality.

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Our Philosophy

As a leading company in the Furnishings/Contract/Restoration Turnkey sectors, we highlight how SIMAR has always distinguished itself for professionalism in work, administration and design in national and international territory, always explicitly satisfying the selected clientele.

Our Mission

We see and create forms of furniture where there seems to be no possibility of execution, far-sighted in understanding what is needed for the environment where we are operating, predisposed to the location of every single detail. Our vision, to make our furniture intimate and cordial with your daily life…

Our Vision

Complete dedication to our work, humility in exposing our design ideas and total complicity in design choices together with our clientele. Our, true and pure, added value...

Our Values
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The Story

In the mid-sixties, the company moved to Monte Urano in the province of Fermo, a town recognised worldwide as a centre of quality and craftsmanship Made in Italy. After the growth on the national market, at the beginning of the 90's the company, aware of its strength, expands and moves towards foreign markets, obtaining its first great successes in the United Kingdom and in particular in the demanding London area.

The company, strengthened by the feedback from its high quality standards, immediately sensed the potential of international markets and decided to invest in intensive research and development, enriching Simar Joinery with cutting-edge technologies and new knowledge that allow the company to achieve results of absolute excellence in the creation of original and unique furnishings.

[ About Us ]

Design and production

Simar Joinery works directly with private individuals and construction companies.

The company employs professional carpenters, masters in the art of woodworking, and is therefore able to provide any type of furniture, whether using traditional materials or innovative tools.

Furthermore, the constant collaboration with architects, upholsterers, blacksmiths and decorators allows to provide unique furniture that combines the beauty of wood with the refinement and uniqueness of precious materials.


We are Specialized in ...

Design & Planning

We make your ideas real, reflecting personalities.

Custom Solutions

We study and create customized projects

Furniture & Decor

We design and manufacture high design furniture and accessories.

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Furnishings Made
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Furnished Homes
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Years of activity
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Home Living

Fully furnished apartments from the kitchen to the bedrooms and bathrooms.


Professional solutions to enhance the display of products.


Tailor-made projects to wrap customers in unforgettable environments.


Study of comfortable and prestigious environments.