“The interiors of our home become the theatre of private life, that scene where each room allows the change, the dynamics of attitudes and situations is the home stage”
Alessandro Mendini

[ Innovation ]

Design & Research

Inside Simar Arredamenti new ideas and new furnishing solutions take shape. There is the ideal room where technological innovations match the experience and tradition, the sign of quality. The TechLab Simar furniture is the place where all this comes true: from production to warehouse management, the company adopts innovative technologies to join an high-end productivity level, following a careful analysis of needs of its customers.

Total Consulting

The Department of TechLab Simar provides a 360° consulting to customers. From the selection of raw materials, the most appropriate style research, installation and assembly of furniture, through the finish and complete customization of furnishings. What makes Simar Arredamenti unique is the passion for new forms of design and continuous dialogue with customers.

[ Unique and unmistakable ]

Simar's Style

The furnishings made by Simar are unique, like the tastes of its clients. Every type of person outlines a style, from minimal to modern classic, from the vintage to shabby chic, from Boho chic to the Scandinavian, in an insatiable quest for beauty and functionality.

Design and implementation

Simar Arredamenti works directly with private and construction companies. Simar professional carpenters, masters in the art of woodworking, are able to make any kind of furniture, using traditional and innovative materials, collaborating with architects, upholsterers, locksmiths and decorators, in order to provide unique furnishings that match the beauty of wood with finishes of precious materials.

[ Main ]


Home Living

Fully furnished apartments from the kitchen to the bedrooms and bathrooms.


Professional solutions to enhance the display of products.


Tailor-made projects to wrap customers in unforgettable environments.


Study of comfortable and prestigious environments.



Home Living
Sleeping Area
Lighting System


Business Office
Wellness & SPA
Restaurants & Bar