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Success Stories

Simar Group is deeply tied to its territory and is proud to be able to represent Made in Italy quality around the world.

Aware of its unique craftsmanship, Simar has undertaken major commercial, production and technological investments with which it has conquered foreign markets.



Simar Group approached the internationalisation process as a challenge that did not only involve the companies with which it came into contact.

Simar has interpreted foreign markets as a way of involving consumers and local partners by first entering into the culture of their places, assessing traditions and behaviour to the point of perceiving lifestyles, tastes and real needs.

A capacity that comes from afar, from the desire to establish human relations and links that also make it possible to enhance and empower local skills and professionalism.
Sincere values that have made it possible to establish itself not only in the most interesting markets but also in the most difficult and demanding ones, thanks to a product and service of the highest quality.

The internationalisation strategy was the result of a careful analysis that first identified the geographical areas that could potentially be involved and then launched an intense and targeted activity of visits and contacts with operators and partners.